Short Course

Short Course


About this course

These short courses are organized with aims of giving teachers, parents & social workers who are involved working with young children a better understanding of the child developmental psychology, care and education.  It provides practical tips in how to teach children math, reading skills, language etc. for those who are interested please call us to have your name on our mailing list (submit your interest).

Preschool Management Trainings: These are short courses designed to meet the need of professionals like preschool co-ordinators and principals who are interested to up-date or polish and refresh their knowledge and skills as school managers. It is also equally beneficial for the people who would like to or thinking to set up their own preschools.


One-Day Workshop Package for every Sunday (2 hours)

S.N.Workshop TopicDuration
1Workshop on Thematic Approach2 Hrs
2Workshop on Classroom Decoration ideas2 Hrs
3Workshop on How to make a Lesson Plan2 Hrs
4Workshop on Pre-school  Management2 Hrs
5Workshop on Story Telling2 Hrs
6Workshop on How to make teaching more effective and exciting2 Hrs
7Workshop on Arts and Craft2 Hrs
8Workshop on Teaching Rhymes2 Hrs
9Workshop on Phonics2 Hrs

Note: Required stationery will be arranged by NMTC.